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SCMGC Members are invited to send a photo (or two) of their MG or other classic British motor for posting to this page. Please include a brief description with each pic. Send to the webmaster

I joined SCMGC last April and then decided to take my car apart. (How smart was that?)I have owned my 1967 Midget for about 20 years. I bought it as a project from my high school auto shop in 1984 and it was a real bucket! Just about every piece of the car was taken apart and thrown inside or broken. I spent allot of time and as much money as a high school kid had to get it drivable & presentable. I drove it around for many years looking just "OK" and last year decided to find out just how close to the edge I could push my wife and began a restoration. I took my baby completely apart & towed it over to Glo Auto Painting in Cerritos, Ca. Considering what they had to work with they did an excellent job straightening things out. I had it towed back to my house and began putting it back together. After my wife quit beating me with the "Quit Spending All of Our Money Stick" I decided to move on to the drive train. Why not? I had already been beaten for my sins. It could not get any worse right? WRONG... (But like most obsessed MG owners... Just smile & keep building!). I installed a new engine & decided to do the Rivergate 5-Speed Conversion. I never like sounding like a model airplane on the freeway & heard it the way to go. I am now finishing up the little things & I should be completed before the end of 2004. I can't wait to show it off in 2005! John Stout

1967 MGB GT - Wed been thinking about buying a vintage sports car for some time, but decided we really needed one after attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2002. After all, life had become somewhat less exciting since our old Porsches and Jaguars had been replaced by new Toyotas and Mazdas during the 1990s. So, we planned to acquire some cool sports car from the 1950s or 60s, take it on weekend vintage rallies, maybe even enter some car shows. My mind was spinning out of control, considering the myriad of possible candidates. Thankfully, Carole confided that she really didnt like open cars all that much any more, and would prefer something with a real top and maybe even roll-up windows. Well, that narrowed the field dramatically (with MGs lovely GT appearing near the top of my list). We scoured the ads, and test-drove a few cars, including a restored MGB GT that drove like new, but it just didnt thrill me somehow. My mental picture of the perfect MGB was an early one, with chrome bumpers and chrome wire wheels, painted British Racing Green, and it had to be ready to have fun with right away Im not much of a mechanic. We started to scan the internet, and one day there it was just what I ordered - a 1967 Series One model, driven daily, with fresh BRG paint, lots of new Moss stuff, and overdrive even. Amazingly, it was located in nearby Anaheim, and with a price we could afford. Next day we took a test drive, fell in love, made an offer, wrote a check, and drove her home. After taking a scenic lap around Palos Verdes (with no problems observed) and celebrating with some champagne, the phone rang. It was the guy from Anaheim, with sellers remorse I swear. But we turned down his offer of a refund, and started fixing the few little things that went wrong. Pretty soon we were ready to take our baby on a longer adventure, and once again the internet was lucky for us - the SCMGC was having its 25 th Anniversary weekend extravaganza in Solvang, including a rally, a car show, a banquet, and, best of all, the chance to meet a bunch of MG people. And what a bunch of people !!! Everyone was so friendly and made us (and our car) feel really welcome, right from the start. Tom & Gail were especially gracious, sensing that we were strangers, and they included us in the Friday night fun. We just had a blast all weekend long and joined the club immediately. That was two years ago, and since then weve participated in as many club events as we can manage enjoying our MG on day trips, weekends, car shows, banquets, museums, pool parties, even a special tour of the Mount Wilson Observatory. Along the way, weve made so many new friends in the club, met lots of other interesting car nuts from all over California, and even collected a few trophies. Driving and showing the car is its own reward, but being part of such a fun group of people is really icing on the cake. Joe & Carole Wike

I purchased the MG in 1978 and have been working on her ever since. I found her in a Gas Station Parking Lot in Manhattan Beach, Ca. with a for sale sign in the window. I Always wanted to have a sports car and it was British Racing Green perfect !. The Seller told me it was in good condition. It looked good but ran bad. But had to have it. From then until now I have replaced, repainted, repaired, and cleaned up pretty near every part on the car. I drive it often and go to most of the British Car Meets with my wife Ann.

The Trailer was purchased on E-bay. It is a 1971 and a 1975 MGB trucks welded together. I painted it to match the car, replaced all the chrome, got all the the lights working front and front or back and back however your looking at it, and replaced the rear end axle to accomodate wire wheels. It has been a great addition to our Little British Car Family and has been a major hit at the car shows and meets. See you all on the road or at the shows....Dan and Ann McLean

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