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SCMGC Members are invited to send a photo (or two) of their MG or other classic British motor for posting to this page. Please include a brief description with each pic. Send to the webmaster

1970 MGB GT - I bought my 1970 MGBGT in June 2003 from Steve Gartner. We pulled up to his house one night to pick it up. It was green with not too much rust on the outside and perfect interior lining. I got behind the wheel and turned the key. Much to my surprise, it came alive and kickin'. Well not so much alive as struggling for breath and not so much kickin' as making a feeble attempt to stretch it's legs. A few sprays of some engine quick fix starter spray and it growled to life. We took it home to the garage and there it stays waiting for a spare moment when it can finally be finished. Dad and I work on it when we can and hope to have it ready to drive and show by my 16th birthday. Corbett Gribble

1968 MGC - I bought my MGC from a UPS delivery guy who saw me working on my 1973 MGB in my garage back in 1990. His car had been sitting in a garage in Santa Ana for 12 years, and I was excited at the prospect until he mentioned that the car was an automatic. I went to see the car and although it looked awful, I decided that the price was right. No rust, no damage ever, a factory hardtop, and chrome wire wheels. The original Mineral Blue had been painted over with a "60's" orange with gray primer spots and blue showing through. On top of this mess were dirt and mouse droppings. My wife was not impressed! My son and I got the thing running, had it painted and redid the interior with the Moss leather kit and a new dash. I eventually had to have the engine rebuilt a couple of years ago and it now runs great. It gets a lot of comments and everyone seems like how it looks. Tom Panagos

1968 MGB GT - Grampian Grey - It all started back in July of '96 when I bought a 1967 british racing green MGBGT that turned out to be a "parts car" because of a bent frame. I then found this '68 GT which was a "black plate" single-owner car with chromed wire wheels and overdrive transmission. It's a great car, which I drive like hell and chase Miatas every chance I get.

Steve Gartner

1959 MGA Roadster - Here is my car at the NAMGAR GT-28 in Welches Oregon. This was the longest trip we have ever taken in my MGA . We covered 2700 miles round trip and my MGA ran without any problems. I have owned my car for 17 years, and have been a member of SCMGC for 16 years.

Jay Cohen

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